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Basic Introduction For Carabiner

Carabiner plays an important role in mountaineering and rock climbing, aerial work, emergency rescue, and even the fitness industry. Let me introduce the basics about carabiner. Carabiner is usually made of aluminum alloy, or iron, or stainless steel and other materials. Among the carabiner of different materials, the aluminum carabiner

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Climbing Gear – Choice Of Ascenders

The main function of the ascender 1: The main function – rise 2: When there is a slip during rock climbing, the ascender will play a protective role at the first time. However, because the working principle is based on the friction between the thorn and the rope, the effect

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Basic Equipment An Arborist Needs

Becoming a certified arborist is often an expensive process. Before you go up the tree, you’ll need a range of industry-specific safety gear. With the variety of gear available for arborists on the market, it can be hard to know which must-haves to buy. For the entry-level Arborist, the decision

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How To Use The Figure 8 Descender

Figure 8 descenders often appear in mountaineering, aerial work, rock climbing, etc. It’s simple, easy to learn to use can view pictures to learn Step 1——Put the rope in the hole Step 2 —— Put on the carabiner and hold the end of the rope in the other hand There

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