How To Use The Figure 8 Descender


Figure 8 descenders often appear in mountaineering, aerial work, rock climbing, etc.

It’s simple, easy to learn to use can view pictures to learn

  • Step 1——Put the rope in the hole
  • Step 2 —— Put on the carabiner and hold the end of the rope in the other hand
There is a second simple and practical way to use figure 8 descender

Step 1——Put the rope in the hole


Step 2 ——Go over the smaller end of the 8-ring descender


Step 3 – Tighten the rope

Step 4——Put on carabiner {can be placed on both rings}

For the choice of 8-ring descender products, we recommend 35-45KN, and it is best to choose products with EN certification, so as to ensure quality and safety

Our company has a suitable figure 8 descender, which has multiple UIAA/CE/EN certifications. The minimum load is far greater than the marked 35KN (actual test reaches 40KN+) 45KN (50KN+).

And we have purchased a tensile testing machine to test the tensile quality of each batch of manufactured products. If you have any intention of cooperation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.



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