The origins of rock climbing and mountaineering


Rock climbing is a modern competitive event derived from mountaineering

In 1786, two climbers challenged Europe’s Balmat’s climb of Mont Blanc, considered the birthplace of modern mountaineeringmountaineering.

In order to conquer the ice terrain of the Alps, which was covered with snow all year round, mountaineers at that time developed a new set of systematic climbing technology.

However, at that time, the technology and equipment were still quite rough It was not until around the second world war that the mountaineering equipment was upgraded and initially perfected in response to the war.

It gradually took shape today. Rock climbing began to appear in the 1950s. The emergence of rock climbing technology has a history of nearly 140 years

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There was a beautiful legend about the origin of rock climbing

On the top of the cliff in the European Alps, there is a beautiful and magical Alpine rose.

It is said that as long as you have this rose, you can get happy love and happiness So the brave young men scrambled to climb and compete with each other to pick flowers for their beloved

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Rock climbing is a special sport that integrates fitness, entertainment and competition. This sport has certain thresholds.

It requires athletes to have comprehensive physical fitness, courage and perseverance, and be able to climb on rock walls of various difficulties. Do a variety of difficult moves. Height and angle, complete movements and turns accurately; jump, pull and other dangerous and difficult movements. Gives a beautiful, thrilling, exciting feeling. Known as “Ballet on the Rock”.

Rock climbing fully expresses people’s desire to return to nature and overcome themselves. The movement of the rock wall is as stable as a gecko and proud as an eagle. The beauty in rhythm and strength makes everyone sigh the infinite charm of rock climbing art.

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